Dusseldorf’s Kangaroo Court

I’m done really paying attention to what the German courts in Dusseldorf have to say about anything related to high-tech patents. The US patent system may be flawed, but at least it’s not completely deaf to the realities of commerce in the tech world, and of the damage product bans can do when used carelessly.

Germany’s kangaroo court, on the other hand, is using them like a sledgehammer to squash roaches – causing permanent damage to solve temporary problems. It’s basically issuing judgement before trial when it comes to products that are outdated within a year of their release.

While I’d certainly have a bit of not-so-secret joy if Apple had been on the receiving end of a few of these rulings, that wouldn’t change the fact that they’re completely unjust and ignorant of the realities of business in this industry.

So, I say in complete and absolute seriousness, Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court, I fart in your general direction.

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