10″ Android Tablets Were A False Prophecy, Stop Yelling At Developers About App Support Please.

Everyone complaining that <insert app here> doesn’t look good on your 10″ tablet, blame Google.

You know who vouched for a landscape 10″ tablet they were afraid to call a Nexus, running a buggy, rushed tablet OS in 2011? Google.

You know who then, a year later, decided to completely change direction on what it thought was the ideal tablet, by going with a 7″ form factor and a portrait mode, phone-like UI? Google.

I can’t blame developers that never got on-board with optimizing their apps for a 10″ landscape tablet. If anything, the rapidity with which Google decided to do an about-face on its “vision” for tablets shows that it was probably a much better idea to wait before diving into Android tablet development.

Take a tablet-optimized app like Flixster, designed for 10.1″ Android tablets. You know how it looks in portrait mode on the Nexus 7? Terrible. It’s practically unreadable because the elements get all smooshed together. Because it was designed for landscape mode. How pissed do you think Flixster is that Google basically ditched landscape after all the obviously hard work that went into making this app?

I think the Nexus 7 is the right direction and form factor for Android tablets, because it is indescribably superior to the experience I’ve had on any one of a number of 10.1″ Android tablets I’ve used. It is just so, so much better.

If you bought a 10.1″ Android tablet, you bought into the bleeding-edge, and as sometimes happens when you buy bleeding-edge products, you got burned. That sucks, but don’t blame developers for not supporting a form factor that is now destined to become a niche in the market.

1 thought on “10″ Android Tablets Were A False Prophecy, Stop Yelling At Developers About App Support Please.

  1. GreatBigDog

    So if the app looks auful in portrat, the dev can update it to force landscape like most games do.

    And the Nexus 7 is a phablet not a tablet. Depending on screen size and dpi settings, Android will display in one of three modes. phone, phablet or tablet.

    Just because Google uses a 7″ display that puts Android into Phablet mode doesnt mean that someome else won’t use one that will display in tablet mode.


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