Buyer’s remorse meets Stockholm Syndrome: The Note 10.1 Fanboys Strike Back

Buyer’s remorse-come-Stockholm Syndrome. That’s how I’d describe the current mental state of the Note 10.1 owners rabidly refuting our review of that tablet, which I’ll admit, bashed it pretty hard. But that bashing was supported by substantive points and clearly demonstrated evidence – not some inherent desire to hate it. I know I’m just stirring up the hive here, but responding in the comments section of the review at this point is futile.

To me, asking the owner of an expensive product right after they purchase it if they like it is hands-down one of the least reliable ways to measure that product’s merits. Of course they like it. They just convinced themselves to drop $500 on it. Now, it’s getting mediocre to poor reviews across the board. And suddenly, they feel obligated to defend their newly-purchased, shiny object of desire that they decided to love the moment they hit the “submit order” button, or swiped their credit card at the checkout line.

I saw the same thing when the XOOM came out, and I saw the same thing happen when I bashed the Toshiba Thrive in my own review of it (it was a truly awful tablet). Hell, I saw owners vehemently defend the the DROID X2 in the comments section when we reviewed it, and that phone was a fucking disaster.

6 months from now, I’d like to see how many Note 10.1 owners are still willing to preach their gospel.

Hindsight is 20/20, as I’m sure anyone who bought a Verizon XOOM can tell you.

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