A Brief Blurb On PR

I know a few PR professionals have me followed in social circles, so I figure this’ll be relevant to at least some people.

Leading up to CES, I correspond with probably two-dozen PR / MR professionals every week, probably half of them for the first time. Two dozen out of the probably 150+ that email me. Here are three simple tips for interacting with new tech media people (eg, bloggers).

  1. Get to the point: I don’t want to read a 1000 word press release regarding your client’s product unless you already know for a fact it’s extremely relevant to the scope of our content coverage.
  2. If you have to send multiple emails: You’re doing something wrong. If I didn’t reply to the first one, it’s either because you didn’t do a very good job presenting the information (see point 1), or because I’m not interested. Then following up with a phone call (which I admit, I will answer) after I don’t respond is a great way to leave a very negative impression about the way you and your firm do business.
  3. A little research goes a long way: There are two simple facts that can be garnered from my email address. First, my name is David. Second, I am associated with AndroidPolice.com – a consumer-oriented blog focused on Android and Android-related topics. Is your email relevant to Android? No? Then I’m probably deleting it! Send it again, and you risk meeting my spam box.

Listen, I get that PR emails are form documents often sent to a gigantic list of media outlets, and I understand if I get something non-relevant from your firm. I’ll just delete it. As long as you don’t send it again, I don’t really care – I’ll request to unsubscribe if that becomes an issue.

But repeatedly contacting me about the same non-relevant topic with the same labyrinthine press release? Not to diminish the job (really, I mean it – I understand media emails are but one small part of it), but think about this from the media’s perspective.

If you get a phone call that turns out to be from a telemarketing number, and you ignore it, how happy are you if the same telemarketer calls again two days later because you didn’t answer?

I work with a lot of great PR / MR people, all of whom have different styles of communicating information. The things they have in common? They know my name, and they don’t ask me if I got “their previous email.”

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