Where to get genuine Mazda 0W-20 GF-5 synthetic oil

Recently, I was prepping for my 2016 MX-5’s first oil change, and I noticed something slightly annoying: most US Mazda dealers don’t use genuine Mazda oil anymore. Mazda uses this oil from the factory, but in the US manuals for most of its vehicles, says Castrol 0W-20 is just fine, too. By no small coincidence, Castrol is what most US Mazda dealers use – probably 99% because it’s much cheaper for them to purchase in bulk.


The thing is, the Castrol has nowhere near the molybdenum content of the Mazda synthetic (650ppm), and the Mazda owner’s manual states quite clearly that optimum gas mileage is only guaranteed if you use the Mazda synthetic oil (i.e., not Castrol).

Luckily, I located an online seller of the genuine Mazda stuff: Avondale Mazda, an Arizona dealership. At the time of my writing this post, it was $9.99 per quart with free shipping (Avondale Mazda has since, apparently, reconsidered and now prices it at an astronomical $13.99 per quart – you’ll have to buy the 12-pack for any sort of remotely worthwhile deal). Avondale sells it by the case (12 quarts) for the equivalent of about $9 per quart, right here. While that may be a bit higher than what you pay if you put in an order at your local Mazda dealership, this is definitely a bit more convenient. Avondale Mazda generally seems to get good reviews on Amazon, too, so I’m guessing they’re pretty trustworthy.

How good a price is this? Very, actually. I called up my local Mazda dealership, a major outfit here in Los Angeles (Galpin), and they wanted $9.50 per quart or $103.20 per case (12qts, $8.60/qt) for the pleasure of going and picking it up myself. Considering that’s around a 30 mile round trip, with gas the difference is a whole couple bucks more to have it delivered to my front door. I’ll take the latter, please.

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